- Felipe Paccagnella -




Felipe Paccagnella is a well rounded artist based off Columbia, Maryland. He composes, arranges, produces, mixes and sometimes masters various works for artists all over the world. He has released 2 albums of his own (“Christmas Jazz” 2013 and “My Home” 2018) as well as fully produced 2 albums for Linda D. Harris (2018 and 2020) and a full album for Laura Siderac (2019). Felipe can also be heard in singles from Robson Fonseca (2018), Phillip Olaomi (2021), Che Chin King (2021),
and on the “renovo” album by Grupo Orion (2018). Felipe also performs professionally playing piano, guitar, bass, drums and singing and has performed at Riverbend Fesfival (2016), the Strathmore (2015), the Kennedy Center(2020), and the Mid-Atlantic festival (2019, 2020) as well as several known smaller venues such as Bethesda Blues and jazz (2017) and the Blues Alley (2018). He has shared the stage with artists like Tony Craddock Jr, Henri Dikongue, Negleatha Johnson, Jader Santos and Ton Carfi, one of the biggest gospel names in Brazil as well as worked as the band director for the Washington Brazilian Choir (2018). Felipe is also the composer, arranger and director of the light switch band.

In terms of education, Felipe started piano lessons very early at age seven. Since then he has spent a summer on a song writing workshop at the Berkelee College of music, got an associates degree in jazz studies and a letter of recognition in music therapy from Howard community college, and is currently on his last semester of a bachelors in music at Washington Adventist University. Felipe also has a bachelors in psychology from the University of Maryland so that he can better serve his musician friends when they ask for advice in life.

Felipe is a current member of the Washington DC Recording Academy Latin Committee where he is helping to represent the Brazilian music community in the metropolitan area. Felipe is passionate about making the world a better place through his music. He seeks to inspire people to live a healthy and joyful life as well as create an atmosphere where they can relax, even if just for a moment. He plans on keeping to share his gifts and talents with everyone who will listen as well as keep on working with other artists in the studio to help their visions become a reality. There are 13 releases that Felipe is producing scheduled for this year as well as another album by Felipe himself scheduled for 2022. Felipe’s team is currently working on possibly touring the US this coming summer (2021)




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